All About Settle The Score®

Settle The Score (STS) is taking a next generation approach in sports social media and user engagement.  Through settling “Scores”with users and engaging in other key features, sports fan can discuss topics with other fans who are like-minded and rivals of your teams and opinions.

Our simply interface allows you to:

  • Join STS within 1 minute
  • Customize your profile to receive relevant content
  • Navigate and easily engage with other users

The Settle The Score Scoreboard™ takes user interaction to new heights. You can invite friends to join and engage in “Scores” you start.

At STS, we are all about Around the Clock Sports Talk®:

  • Turn your sports opinion into a game and defend your home turf!
  • Win. The more you win, the better your chance to move into and up the power rankings.
  • Visit the STS tab to review and engage in content from all users!
  • View the live sports tab to interact with events.

DAILY Sport Trivia!!

  • Test your sports knowledge daily on the STS app
  • Answer questions based on various sports
  • Compete against other users and climb the overall and weekly rankings

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love Settle The Score!

Around the Clock Sports Talk®

Discuss sporting events, athletes, outcomes, and more with users across the globe! Turn your sports opinion into a game!

Sports all the time

Interact with your profile

Select your favorite teams, receive and post relevant content, engage with your teammates, and track your power rankings!

Make it your own

News at your finger tips!

Read articles based on favorite teams, trending topics, scores that need to be settle, live sport events, and much more

Articles, user content, and more!

Settle The Score!!

Select a time, invite teammates, #tag key topics and players, and assign points and track your progress in the SCOREboard™

Make your opinion count and move up the power rankings

Engage with Live sporting events

Interact with live sporting events daily with teammates and others across the globe!

Quickly interact with live events

Daily Sports Trivia

New questions available EVERY DAY!! Answer each question in the allotted time and try BONUS questions!

Climb the overall and weekly rankings!!

Great Features for All Users

Easy to Use Screens

Get Into The Game.

Who We Are

Settle the Score® provides Around the Clock Sports Talk® for users to discuss past, present, and future sports, athletes, and outcomes.  Settle the Score® also allows users to turn their sports opinions into a game in itself by starting a Score that will be judged by their peers.  If more people vote for the home team (the original poster), then the original poster will get a win and can rise up the power rankings!  Get in the game!

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